Avoid Common SEO Practices


Some people like to create ads or social engagement about their business, just for the sake of building backlinks and other such things. This is okay to do, I guess. However, you really won’t get anywhere with it though.

Why not?

You are basically jamming everyone’s feed with spam or other junk. I don’t care if someone taught you this was the right way, it’s not. It’s time you learn what you should be doing when it comes to using SEO in real estate. Jamming everyone’s feed with spam is not going to cut it. You are going to turn more people off by doing this.

The idea is to get them coming back for more. You need to be providing some sort of relevant material and detail. So let’s get to it, shall we?

    1)Do not over-stuff your material in hopes to rank higher. Some lesser sites have tried this already. They got nowhere. All they got was blocked by other people and by Google itself. The goal is not to manipulate the system. There are tools that can pick up on this very quickly. If you don’t want to be classified as spam in the real estate business, than stop doing this!

    2)Look at the links are placing online. Yes, these links are being used to drive real estate business and sales; however, if they are broken or unused, these links are not going to be doing you any good. Think and choose wisely.

    Investigate the links you join up with first. Will they bring a better business drive to your business already? Will they just be added baggage. A broken link is going to cost you a lot of money in the long run. If a link is going to cause more problems than solve them, it’s best to abandon them completely.

    3)If you are doing some site maintenance, you need to be weary of how this will cost you. Say you are on a site of your own. Say you are being directed to a new site. There could be broken codes with this. There could be duplicated content emerging because of this. You need to be concerned if this is happening to you.

    You need to find a balanced way of doing site maintenance, without causing issues with potential clients. This is something that causes great concern in the real estate game. Always be weary of your intentions with this one.

    4)You might be enticed to duplicate content from one page and add it to a newer one. Some try to do this if they are short on time. Others do this just because they are lazy.

This is not a good thing to get into the habit of doing. Google will block duplicated content. Google will also put out stiff penalties for doing this very thing. Always be conscious of this activity, especially when time is an issue.

This also goes for link placing. If you are placing a link where it clearly doesn’t belong, you run the risk of having all your effort go down the drain. Do you really want this to happen? It’s better to be safer than sorry with this sort of thing.