Better Content = More Money


Using SEO in the hospital networks is not an unusual concept. It still requires the same patience and it includes the same pitfalls. If you are using SEO in a hospital, you will fall into one of three places.

    1)You have no idea of what it is, and you haven’t taken the gusto to figure it out just yet.

    2)You think you have some idea of what it is, but your system is kind of outdated.

    3)You know what to do, but you still prefer to do the wrong thing anyway.

Does any of these mistakes sound familiar to any of you? Some of you might be guilty of one of these right now. Which brings me to the purpose of this content. I will be breaking down 3 common scenarios that yield mistakes for some people. I will also provide solutions, this way you won’t have them again.

    1)Your doctor pages either don’t exist or they are no developed enough. Here’s the thing. Your landing pages can be as perfect as perfect can be. However, if your direct pages to the doctors are not running properly, your patients will not be filling out the forms they should be.

    The pages for each doctor need to be easily accessible. This way patients can fill out eh forms they need to. They can make the appointments they need to be making. Your office can start bringing in the potential clients you want to be reaching. It will only happen if you pay special attention to those individual pages.

    2)You spend your time analyzing and over-analyzing the wrong things. This happens a lot in the professional world. It even happens in our personal lives. We spend our time obsessing over the wrong things, instead of concentrating on the right things.

    You need to be focused on a few things. Clock your visitors. It’s not good enough to have over a thousand visits to your office. If it’s not being converted into an actual visit and patient request, it’s not going to mean a thing. You need to turn your visitors into actual patients. They also need to be considered more long-term, not just a visit here and there.

    Your keywords need to be on mark. You also need to be reaching out to your local market. Your local market is going to be your bread and butter. Spend less time trying to compete with getting outsiders. Focus your attention to who is on your front door step.

    3)The two-dimensional plan of action will not get you anywhere. It’s not a good idea to over-stuff keywords and put up duplicate content, just to double your office’s impact. It will actually do the opposite.

    Look to give your patients actual advice. Give them a plan of action to work on each week. Is your office blog up-to-date. A blog is never something you can abandon. You have to either stick with it or forget it.

    Your doctor’s office also needs some sort of PR to bring out your name. If you are doing it all on your own, you won’t get very far. If you do get somewhere, it’s going to take longer than you want it to. Invest in some sort of PR promotions. Add this to your landing pages, social networks and official hospital network pages.


Keeping up with your in-house hospital networks is very important when using your SEO tools. You can’t afford to make the wrong moves, especially if you are just starting out. Patients need to be choosing you above everyone else. If you use any of these SEO suggestive tools, you will be heading in the right direction.